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How Much To Hire A Luxury Motorhome For A Week In UK

Are you organizing a different kind of vacation in the UK? If yes, you can do more and see more with a luxury motorhome hire UK, no matter what kind of vacation you have in mind. After you’ve decided on a motorhome vacation as your dream vacation, you’ll want to look at costs.

A lot of diversity makes this a potentially challenging area. Festivals and other special events, as well as holidays (such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.), can cause prices to rise. Also, there will be a hike in the overall expenses of your motorhome trip in the UK during this time. 

This article will examine the various considerations that must be made while availing of luxury motorhomes for hire services. You can use the figures that are provided as a general guide, as they are based on research.

Factors Affecting Rates For Luxury Motorhomes Hire

There are a lot of variables that affect hiring rates. Starting with the most basic camper vans with two fold-up beds and a fire for cooking to brand new, coach-built ‘Class A’ motorhomes with showers, satellite TV, and roomy dining, there is a wide range of types to choose from. 

The time of year you want to visit also has a significant impact on the cost of luxury motorhomes hire. The hiring price difference between the peak season (June–September) and the off-season (November–March) might be as much as £1,000. 

The mileage allowance is also an important component of your booking. If you discover that your hire is shockingly cheap, you should find out if there is a mileage limit and estimate how much more you will have to spend in additional fees.

The months of April and May, as well as September and October, are often the busiest for renting a large luxury motorhome hire. The price of renting a motorhome or campervan can increase dramatically at this point. Prices might vary greatly from one rental agency to another based on factors like the season and the size of the car.

Rental Rates for Luxury Motorhomes Hire

A compact or larger vehicle can be rented for £500 to £1200 per week during the off-season, which is typically from November to March. You might get a big five- or six-berth RV for the same price, but it could cost you up to £1500 to £1800/week in a rush period.

A fantastic motorhome rental price is within your reach if your vacation plans span a month or more. Less time spent cleaning and preparing RVs for weekly clients, lower marketing expenditures, and decreased risk are all benefits of a long-term hire for the hirer. 

Keep in touch with the owners to find out if they are open to negotiating the monthly rate if you’re genuinely interested in a specific motorhome, even if it looks steep. A typical four-week hire can be discounted by more than a thousand pounds for customers who book in advance.

Additional Costs in Rental Rates for Luxury Motorhomes Hire

  • Coverage for an extra driver. Every reservation made through our camping partner comes with insurance; however, if you plan on having more than one driver, you may want to consider upgrading your package.
  • Extra insurance and breakdown protection are necessities for motorhome travelers planning to visit Europe. Compared to these islands, the mainland has a far higher concentration of toll highways.
  • Convenient airport transportation on demand. You may usually arrange to have your luxury motorhomes hire UK service brought to the airport for an additional fee if you’re flying internationally, especially to Europe.
  • Navigation system. For roads you’re not familiar with, this is a must-have feature that could be available for an additional fee.
  • Fuels: petrol and diesel. You will likely be responsible for paying for petrol both while you are on the road and for returning the vehicle full at the end of your vacation.
  • Maintenance for vehicles. Some RV sellers will offer to let customers keep their cars with them while they pick up their RV. However, this is usually for an extra price rather than a standard amenity.
  • Going overboard on restaurant bills is easy to do if you don’t set aside money each week for groceries. It is usually more cost-effective to prepare your meals, even though you will want to indulge sometimes.
  • Sheets and blankets. Normally, you’d carry them along, but some considerate camper van owners would provide them for a little more money.


The United Kingdom is the perfect place for a luxury motorhomes hire vacation. There is a great deal of variety within motorhomes, but the basics, like a cooker, sink, and radio, are nearly always standard. 

A backup camera, air conditioning, and heating are all necessities for a relaxing and hassle-free trip. Find out if the RV has an awning and more storage space if you’re concerned about making the most of your space.

Ensure that there is a toilet and shower included in the package if you prefer not to go outside when you need to use the lavatory. It goes without saying that a television and WiFi connection are necessities for families traveling with young children.

So, next time, whenever you search for motorhomes for hire near me, check out everything and make the best decision. 

Q: Does UK week-long motorhome hire cost extra?

The base rental fee covers the motorhome, although there may be additional fees. These may include mileage, insurance, gasoline, and accessory or service premiums. To avoid surprises and understand all fees, confirm the terms and conditions with the rental business.

Q: Can I discover cheap online luxury motorhomes for hire in the UK for a week?

There are affordable online UK motorhome rental choices. Multiple rental firms, like Jepsons Ribble Valley Motorhome, provide different motorhomes at different prices. Compare costs, look for discounts, and consider the offseason to save money. 

Q: Do UK weekly motorhome rentals include discounts or promotions?

Some UK motorhome rental firms offer weekly discounts. Ask about ongoing deals, early booking discounts, and loyalty programs to lower costs. Checking for such promotions will help you save on your week-long motorhome vacation.

Q: What factors affect UK motorhome rental costs for a week?

Motorhome rental costs depend on the season, length of rental, size, style, and amenities. Booking early or off-peak may save money, while high-demand seasons may cost more. Understanding these characteristics helps renters choose based on their tastes and budget.