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Not got a Tow bar? Not confident in towing?

We are offering a delivery and setup service. This includes; Delivery straight to your pitch, Levelling up of caravan, Water drums filling Electricity hooking up (if you have booked an electric pitch), Awning and ground sheet fitted (if you require it), A full Handover and explanation on how to use the caravan.

We will charge £4 per mile for delivery, this will include us returning after your holiday to come and collect the caravan and dismantle all the awning etc. We will only deliver to a maximum of 150 miles and day rates apply, see below

  • 3 night stay – max delivery 60 miles
  • 5 night stay – max delivery 60 – 90 miles
  • 7+ night stay – max delivery 90 150 miles

Delivery and collection times, Delivery will be between 12pm – 4/5pm (Traffic dependant), Collection will be between 10am – 11am.

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